My sister is very aggressive?

she curses and yells at my mom constantely... she also curses at me if i stand up for myself... she is very demanding.. selfish and out of control.. she spit on my mom.. she threw a trashcan on her... she threathen to spit on her face again... she ruined my photoalbum.. she is extremely religious and try to force religion on me... she persuaded me to drop out of school at 18... now she is 32.. refuses to work and still lives at home... what could be wrong with her?


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  • You need to get her out of the house, she is not a healthy influence for your home. She's just really rude and a total bitch.

    • she is fuckin nuts... i suffered from deep depression growing up

    • Thats horrible i am sorry, do whats best and get your mom to kick her out. She's a negative influence to you and your mom.

  • have your mom kick her out.
    she isn't under 18 anymore

  • She needs to be kicked out tbh.
    Sometimes that helps humble people and appreciate what they had.


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