Insecure about the new relationship?

I have a new relationship for 3 months, I freak out whenever it takes him several hours to respond to my text, because he has a watch that he wears all the time even in the shower , he still responds to messages when he is with his friends and family. There were 1 or 2 times he ignores my message, I can't help but think that maybe he is on dates with other girls (because he used to ignore other message when he was on dates with me), I obviously can't ask or anything but I feel really bad about it. What can I do to feel better, so my mood doesn't depend on him even if he was seeing other girl?


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  • Tli don't think there an easy thing you can just do, you just need to learn to chill and be less insecure over time. Maybe slfind a subtle way to ask what he was doing but if you act like you're suspicious you're going to come across as very annoying


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  • Why don't you trust him? Is there some reason why you feel insecure with him?

    • Yes, he refused to make our relationship official, even if we said to be exclusive
      So I m worried that he chooses someone else over me. I want to know what he is doing if he isn't respond to my message.

    • If he refuses to make your relationship official then you shouldn't waste your time on him honestly. It sounds like you want to take it seriously and
      he doesn't. That would never work.

  • The question you should be asking yourself is... if I have a lot to offer, and know myself, and my worth... would I still be worried...

    • I already did the best on my part. I am smart, pretty and sweet, and I chose him over other guys, some other described me as a 'whole package'. I should feel secure. But I have some other issues, I should have left him when he refused to make us official, but I stayed in hope of he ll realize how good I am

    • Would you say that there is anything that sets you apart from other girls in your same age range?

    • I really believe every one deserves to be loved , and they have their own weakness and strengths.

      My brain tells me , if he doesn't choose me, it's not because I am not good enough. Just my mind, isn't following my brain.

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