Are there signs he will revenge cheat?

My boyfriend flirted with girls during our relationship and I went on an dating app and he saw all the conversations. We both did this to get over each other. He says it was because I kept accusing him of cheating and being paranoid. I did it because I felt like he was always cheating and that he didn't care. He got mad only for a short period and took me back? How do I earn back his trust and will he revenge cheat? Are there signs?


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  • Signs would maybe include not calling, texting you as much, putting his phone face down around you, saying he’s constantly busy

    Can you answer my recent question on my page?

    • He seems to wanna be near me more often cuz he doesn't trust me yet

    • Hmmm, that’s trickery we’ll just be on the lookout on the signs I said at least can you answer my recent one?

What Girls Said 1

  • If you're worried he's gonna cheat, just break up.


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