Would I be wrong for that?

So me and my boyfriend been together a year I don’t even think he knows the day he just know the month and it’s like he haven’t said anything I haven’t hear from him or anything. So lately it has been where we see each other during the week because of work mon-Thursday he sit outside with me for like 30 mins then says he have to leave he never calls me later that day , Friday he stay for about a good two hours we just sit outside then comes the weekend he says he will call or stop by , I never hear or see from him these last couple of weekends on during the week. I was thinking would I be wrong to stop being available for him all the time and treat him how he treats me? And yes we’ve talked about it and all he says is he knows and he sorry and that it’s not a big deal that it just teaches me to be stronger.


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  • It won’t ever change no matter what you do so you have a decision


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