What does it say about me that I just got stood up and I instantly forgave her & decided to give her another chance?

I mean instantly. I was making excuses for her in my head hours before she called to apologize & assure me that she really wanted to be there & is in fact into me. I'm not that thirsty. She's not my only option but I feel like I'm I'm whipped & we only have been out once. No kissing no sex. I'm I over thinking it? I don't know. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated


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  • You must really want to fuck her bad I take it. You are hoping the 2nd time around will produce better results? You sure didn't provide much info to go on.

    • She is hot but I'm the type to let that be a pass to treat me however. Plus I'm used to going single and celebate for crazy long stretches. It's been almost two months now & 9 before that. Part of it could be that I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that the last girl I was with don't want me & I've been chasing her forever. So maybe I need a rebound and that's it. I do legit like her too though & I don't wanna give up yet

  • You're a pushover

    • That's how I feel but I'm no stranger to rejection. I'd normally move on. She acts so interested when we're are around each other. She did show up to the first date. Her excuse was legit. I'm not ready to give up. I like her

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