Why do guys on tinder swipe right on every female instead of swiping right on the women they like?

It appears to be time consuming to go through all the matches just to figure out which ones they like instead of just swiping right to the profiles they like. It appears to be a huge waste of time and doesn't make much sense to me.


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  • It's easier to get a match. According to tinder themselves girls swipe right less than 30% of the time. It's easier to assess all your options that way. There may be a girl you're on the fence about. But if you swipe left and she swiped right it may end up a missed connection. Plus this isn't a guy only thing. Girls do this all the time too

    • It doesn't make sense though. You're either going to ignore or unmatch girls you're not interested in. So why not swipe right on girls you DO like? It sounds like guys who do this are doing it either for an ego boost to see how many girls like them or they're willing to settle for women they don't like.

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    • I would say that swiping endlessly is done mostly to avoid risking dissappointment. Some guys might feel hurt after swiping right on a girl they were excited about and who doesn’t like them back. So they just choose to look at and swipe right on girls who have already shown in interest in them. In addition, some girls aren’t going to match with you immediately. You’ll have to wait minutes or hours until they assess your profile on the app if you got to them first. So all that swiping right endlessly might not give you the results you were hoping for after you finish swiping. Again, you would still have to wait.

    • I love how you're trying to tell a guy how guys think. Why did you even ask this question? That's what I said before, you have a preconcieved notion and refuse to accept any answer that doesn't agree with that. You'd still have to wait to wait for a matches after the fact regardless of what method you do but the numbers I put up don't lie. It's much faster by swiping on everyone. Like I said, I've literally done it myself that's how I KNOW it's faster

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  • Because it’s hard for guys to get matches so they swipe on every girl without even looking.

    • Doesn't make sense though. Why swipe right on every girl if they're going to end up unmatching them if they don't like them?

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