Should I ignore the girl that I rejected?

There's this girl that I'm acquaintances with even though we talk everyday on the bus for the past 2 years, I still consider her my acquaintance though. She goes to my neighbouring girls school. She developed this huge crush on me, and then had her friend that goes to my school, give me this love letter thing, at the end of last year. It was the sweetest thing though, I kept it safe, it was anonymous, but I knew that she wrote it. When she was going to admit her feelings to me, I took the letter out of my bag and gave it back to her, telling her I wasn't interested in a relationship. She laughed it off, but I could see in her eyes that she was devastated.

After that I started avoiding her, I stopped catching the bus, I even stopped coming out after school for a while, because she had a habit last year to come see me during her free periods on a Friday after school. But she didn't give up, she kept coming every week, in hopes that she'd see me. I'm feeling bad at this point, but I can't date her, literally she's Indian. I know she will always choose her family over me, when the time comes to choose. I just don't want to go through heartbreak. But she's just not giving up, indirectly. When I luck out and I bump into her at public bus stop, I just dash for the other direction and run, and when I subtly look back, I can see a hurt look on her face.

She's a great girl, she's hot, smart (gets much better grades than me), and she can talk about fighter planes to me. That's cool, because no one other than my friends can do that, but I don't know she seems fixated on me. I heard that she gets guys from neighbouring boys schools asking her out, and she rejects them all, because she wants me. Why does she like me, I don't even know, I'm a loner at my school, and she is one of the most popular at her. Do you think that she's obsessed or is genuinely in love with me. And what she's doing is that stalker or normal. Do girls do this when they're interested


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  • Normally girls don't do that when they are interested. Well, they do bump into you on bus stops, shops, school yard etc. But never admit their feelings. Tho can write an anonymous letter.

    You should've behaved more gentlemanly. Not just sending her off. But telling her like "I am not ready to new relationships as I haven't recovered from a previous one. But if you need some help like fix your bike or homework, I can help you. Just a bit devastated to date someone atm". Just don't be as negative as you were.

    She can be in love or obsessed, nobody can exactly tell. But this also can be her ego, as she was rejected. Love runs away from those who chase her and hangs on the neck of those who run away from it (c) Shakespeare.

    • Naaahhh, I haven't actually dated anyone ever. Like I say, I'm a loner. I don't even know how to maintain a relationship. No girl has ever shown interest in me, other than her, but I know I was an asshole. I don't even know how to approach her now, it's been 6 months since I have been avoiding her, and she still comes every week when she has the means to do so.

    • Just stop being an asshole, ask her if you can help her. Be a gentleman. It doesn't stop you from being a loner even if you go out with her a couple of times.

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