Guy got drunk on our first date. What should I do?

So I have been talking to a guy for about 3 months through Snapchat and text. We’ve known each other from school and mutual friends and decided to go on a date.
On our date we went to dinner and a movie. During dinner he had two beers. Which is not a big deal. I don’t have a problem with drinking and enjoy drinking on occasion also. Also during dinner we had great conversation and there was no awkwardness. After dinner we went to a movie theater that allows drinking. When we walked in to the theater his brother and his girlfriend just so happened to be there also. During the movie he had six more beers and was obviously drunk. At the end of our date I walked to my car (we drove separately) and he rode home with his brother. Should I give him a second chance? What should I do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Depends on you. Do you hate the fact that he decides to get drunk in front of you on the first date or do you think that he gt drunk because he trusts you to be ok with it?

  • I'd walk away... that's bad


What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him you were interested in him but his drinking is a problem and you will need proof he can control himself if you go on another date with him.


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