Should I be concerned if my boyfriend comes home a little later than usual?

I've been lied to once about some major stuff in this relationship and I’ve been cheated before so I can’t help but get this reaction of caution. He hasn’t lied to me since but still I can’t help but feel that way.

My boyfriend works at a gas station and he usually is consistent on coming home at the same time every night. But tonight he called me at the time he was supposed to be home and he told me he barley got out, and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. He said he’d be home in about 20 minutes and he was picking up something but it’s been over 20 minutes and I can’t help but feel paranoid something might be going on.

Am I possibly just being paranoid?


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  • I wouldn’t trust it either. What happens if you ask him what he picked up? If he did, it would mean that he would have actual proof to show that he did pick up something.


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