Girls, how can I not be terrified to trust?

So, I met this girl a week or so ago and I can tell just from the little bit i've seen that I would be very happy in a relationship with her, one problem, relationships require trust which I am terrified to do. I don't know what to do. Is this one of those "face your fears" moments?


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  • Asking out a girl could be scary as heck (same for me). Someone taught me how to get over that fear, count down from 5 and do it! 😊 just ask her out! The more u worry the harder it gets to just do.

    As for good reasons:
    - trusting relationships take time, in order to get into one u have to give a little to get a little (trust her with little things and move onto more serious things as u guys keep dating)
    - if she betrays you are one step closer to the right girl, and probably have learned a lot from the past relationship
    - the thing that is worse than dating her and getting hurt, is if you don’t because you may have missed an amazing relationship and never knew about it because u where too afraid
    - you can do this, good luck😊


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