How can I keep the conversation going?

So, I've been talking to this guy for a few days now, at least maybe like three or four. But, when we talk, we can never get passed the 'hey, how are ya', 'whatcha doing' parts. I mean, I've sent him like a couple of snaps (we talk on Snapchat mostly). And he responded positively to one of them.

The thing that I'm not worried about is leaving me on read. He rarely leaves me on read. He only left me on read ONCE, and I wasn't worried because he's actually a pretty busy person.

Anyways, I wanna know how to keep a conversation going and not let it go dry. Should I ask him if he'd like to play 21 questions or something? I mean, my friend told me that asking him this early might scare him away, so... I don't know.

How can I keep a conversation going? Ask him 21 questions, or... something else? I'd really like to know because even though he's far away from me, he's really sweet and he's never been mean to me AT ALL! So, I'd like something to happen between us.


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  • Simple

    • Umm, he doesn't leave me on read. And honestly. So done with negativity like this when it comes to guys, I'm gonna go after him no matter what fucking people say. They can't tell me what to do. I didn't ask if I should go after him or not. I just asked how I could spice up the fucking conversation and you guys are giving me dick shit! Like either give me advice on how or don't fucking comment at all! >:(

    • Ur conversation, ur effort... find it by urself and be urself...
      If you want to do something, do it not cuz someone said it but cuz u want

  • Well i think if i haven't found anything in commen to talk to someone with i normally don't talk to them or become real friends with them, so i don't know how you can solve this but i would just leave it.

    • We actually have like a couple things in common. But that's just music wise. But, I can still find out what we have in common by asking him questions? Why should I stop talking to him because I haven't found any common ground yet? Why? Why give up so easily?

    • I don't know, all i know is with my friends i can talk for days just one little thing, then i know people that i only know one thing, and don't talk about it much so i don't bother with those people.

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