Should I delete and forget?

I went on a great date last night , lots of eye contact from him and he was the one who wanted to carry the date on by going to different bars for drinks etc and we kissed passionately at the end of the date , he added me on Facebook a few days before but he hasn’t messaged since last night even tho I messaged saying thank you for a nice night... I noticed he was online on the dating site where we had got chatting... I think this is a no from him? Should I just delete him from Facebook or wait?
Before our date he wasn’t the best at messaging , I just don’t get why men do this then nothing? Maybe I never gave him sex?


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  • He has other women, I am sure. All the more because you met him on an online dating page. Men will communicate if they are interested in you, typically.

  • Don't jump to conclusions yet, give him a bit more time to respond.

    • But yes he could have sent a quick response to your message, but I'd give it a bit more time. Maybe he got distracted and forgot? Maybe not too, but you don't know that's the point and it's too soon to jump to any conclusions. You said the date went great, so keep that in mind.

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    • A lot of people (women too) seem to really lack basic respect and human decency these days. Especially online dating. I'll get women that start talking to me, and then just stop without any explanation at all. If you're no longer interested, that's fine, but at least have the decency to tell me so! It's so frustrating.

    • It is very :( I think I’ll
      Give up for now lol

  • He may have forgot you messaged him.

    • He has read it , i just find it rude as if he’s not interested he could say then I would wish him the best

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    • @Frankenstein99 I sent him a good luck in his search message he’s read it and no reply lol oh well says it all

    • Look at the bright side. if he was going to flake on you it's a good thing he did it early. It sucks! It doesn't feel good! but at least the feelings didn't get really deep yet. Sorry that happened to you.

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