Have I stuffed up?

So I started messaging one of my friends I know from school but haven't talked to in a few months and having casual conversations with her and in doing so found out she broke up with her boyfriend about a month or so ago. But anyway as you see from the screenshots of our convo I asked her to coffee but she's just left me on seen since my last message and hasn't responded since. Have I fucked up somewhere or do you reckon she's knows where it's going or anything at all? Just after tips and help if I can come back from this or do I just cut my losses and accept nothings going to happen.Have I stuffed up?Have I stuffed up?


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  • No More... If she was Into you, She wouldn't Leave you Hanging, There'd be More in Store. xx


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  • You didn't mess up at all. Wait a couple days and see if she gets back to you. Give her some time before you draw conclusions. Good luck!

    • Really appreciate the advice. Cause from her reply to coffee things seemed really positive but after seening my message and since not responding it's got me confused and now doubting where things will go

    • I totally understand. Keep in mind that girls typically do that. For example, they may give you their number if you ask, but will fail to respond. I'm not saying this is the case here, but be open so you don't hurt yourself emotionally :)

    • Yeah that's true, I understand what your saying girls are just confusing to understand to me. Cheers dude

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  • Patience is the key 😊. You didn't mess up.

    • Really appreciate the reasurance. Very true though they say good things take time

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  • She didn’t offer to get together another day so I’m thinking she is not interested. Since you asked her to let you know, DO NOT message her again until she messages you about it. Although honestly I think you should move on.

    • Yeah that's my thinking too. But nah I wasn't going to message again

    • Ya good, I made the mistake of messaging again

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