My crush avoids me? Why?

I was 15 years old, when I first fell in love. I saw him at a university open day, and then 6 months later coincidently bumped into him on my school bus. We hit it off, and I actually fell in love with his personality, he was shy, mature and reserved with his talks (only talking when he has an opinion). I'm the opposite, yet when I saw him everyday, I got peace and for 20 minutes all the stress and pain for the day would wither away. At the of the second year, Year 11, I wrote him a letter, in my opinion it was not creepy at all, it was sweet. I described how I saw him before, and how gradually I fell in love with him and not just his cute face.

At the start of the following year, he came up to me and returned the letter, 2 weeks into the start of the school year. He said that he wasn't interested and starting fading away. His personality towards me shifted. I thought he was interested, he was so enthusiastic when he talked to me, unlike his reserved nature with his friends. He became distant and then started to avidly avoid me. No matter what I did, he would avoid me, he went to a different school and like the previous years I would wait for him, but he'd never come. It's been 6 months and I'm still just as in love as I was 2 years ago. I tried talking to him before, but he'd just give me 3 word answers. Every time by chance, I'd bump into him, he'd turn around and run away.

He makes me feel like I'm hated and he never liked me as a person. Am I that repulsive? But then I remember the past and I fall in love all over again. Am I becoming obsessed, and why would he avoid me like that. I even offered my hand in friendship, but he signalled no. I never wanted him any bad, I just want him to become motivated again so he can be a fighter pilot.

Am I being creepy or anything, by still waiting for him? If he'd come back, I'd happily accept him again. I'm usually an egotistic person, but certainly not with him. I think I'm going insane. Is this normal?


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  • U are obsessed with him he don't hate u but he don't like u like that and he is trying to make sure that is convaid u can wait as long as u want but he is not coming back

    • I respect your opinion, but at least write like you're 24 years old

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    • Right then maybe I shouldn't wait. Maybe, if destiny has it so, I'll see him at fighter school. If he makes it.

  • You are probably being creepy but you don’t know it because you are in love.

    • I don't think, I know I'm being creepy. But there is no other way out, if I don't go to the neighbouring school (which actually has all the nearest bus stops), I will never find him ever, no chance. But my excuse is using the public bus stops, because my school has none.

    • It's not like I enjoy being creepy. I wish he'd put an end to this, and outright come to me and end things, he just left. Which hurt me the most, it's like I'm not even worth a few words. He'd rather have me wait most days, and have his friends stare at me weird. I'm really popular at my school, and I do get useless proposals from our nearest boys school (which I reject because fuckboys), but his useless crap friends staring at me, gives me rapist and jealous vibes. I even heard from a few friends that my crush is spreading rumours that he's dating a popular girl from my school, which is obviously me, because he know no other girls from my school. The rumours are spreading to my school and all my friends expect me to bring him to prom/formal. That's my stress.

    • Why don't you talk to him?

  • He's gay and he wants dicks and penises

    • What makes you say that? lollll

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    • Oh so what you are trying to say is that I'm the one hiding from the hurricane, by shitposting on the internet. Got you :)

    • No just that I was shitposting from the basement while hiding from the hurricane

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