How can you say that you were meant for each other?


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  • You can never tell, at least not right away. You`d have to be with one another for quite some time to really say that. Cos feelings can always fade and the person ends up deciding not wanting to be with you anymore. Especially now a days, its so hard to actually find someone who means what they say and what not.

    • So you mean you need another one just to test your feelings towards her/him?

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    • I got you then. No one knows what will happen after 5,10,20 years

    • Yup. You just can`t tell. Its just really up to the individual on what he or she decides. I mean you hear this all the time, some of these divorces, couples marries for so long and all the sudden a divorce., And often its not even because one of them cheated or whatever, but just because the person found someone else or whatever the case may be... really really messed up :(

  • Because one has male parts and another has lady parts. lol

    • Hahahahaha! So witty!

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    • Telling me that makes me think that you conquer the world and gain a lot of lesson.

    • well i am older than my listed age. lol But i also make it a point to listen to successful people. None of the marriages in my family have ended in divorce and the shortest one in length so far is 10years. the longest 40 years. in this day and age i consider that pretty successful

  • By saying it.


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