Would this be awkward?

I was leaving a place I was working at, and we often went to a different store to pick up things, and I really liked the lady who would sign off on our loads, and whenever o was there for an extended period of time, she'd goof around with me a lot.
So when the time came for me to leave, I happened to stop by her store on my last day and I asked her out. She said she was very flattered, but had a boyfriend.
Anyway the job I went to fell through, and I got rehired at her store. I'd be working in her area, but she's not outranking me.
Would this be awkward for her?
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  • Don't worry about it man be glad you don't have to invade France/Vietnam/Korea/Mexico for Jews or some shit

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    • I can read dude. That was just excessive

    • No that's reality bro

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