Would reaching out in these forms help me or not?

Over the past few years, I dated an amazing girl, and we've broken up a few times for a religious difference, and we usually have gotten back together, but she left for a mission in 2016 and we've been out of contact, but I've tried sending her a letter to try and fix things and I never heard anything.
I tried to reach out to her on Instagram, but she denied my request and I don't think she's read my messages.
I just don't understand how after everything, she would just do this to me.
I'm heartbroken, I'm mad, and I'm devastated after potentially losing her.

Would reaching out in anyway help. me or is it pointless now?
  • Write another letter
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  • Try reaching out to her family
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  • Do nothing, wait for her
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  • Its over, dont try
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