What's a perfect date?


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  • Something unique and fun that allows you to truly bond with a person. Going out to eat is great and all, but it's like some weird interview, and during a movie you can't talk! I'd prefer going bowling, or going to an arcade or doing minigolf! Even just going to the park and being the weird grown ass adults playing on the swing set would be awesome. There's so much pressure for dates to be expensive and perfect and extravagant. If a guy took me out to do something fun and have bad pizza and ice cream afterwards, that'd be amazing! Hell, take a girl to build a bear and get her a bear made. That's cute as hell. (Maybe not for a first date though.)

  • October 31st

    • How really?

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    • Sense of humor. Liked it. <3

    • A little humor never hurt anyone. ;)

  • Picnic by the lake or in a beach away from people. Good food and wine. The sunset. Nothing fancy.


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