I am so confused with this girl, I don't know if she is actually getting my texts or not?

So I matched with this girl on a dating site, I sent her a message and didn't hear back for a couple days. Didn't think anything of it. She eventually responded and we started talking. I realized that some messages might not be sending through because she wouldn't respond to some messages but she would others (at the beginning we sent a couple messages in a row), so I asked her and she said she has bad reception and didn't get the message.

Over the next couple days of talking she starts sending me shorter and shorter responses, and takes longer to respond. To the point where yesterday she stopped responding. I had figured she had just stopped talking to me.

But then this morning she sends me a good morning text. I have no idea if she just didn't respond to my text yesterday, or if she has just not been getting my texts and that's why she has been responding. I just wasn't expecting her to text me at all. I don't know what to think, we have a date set up for later in the week. I mainly just don't know how to ask if she got my texts yesterday without sounding needy or demanding. I don't want this to fall apart simply because technology made us think we were ignoring each other.


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