How can I avoid acting like a girlfriend towards guys who don't want that?

I always subconsciously start to act like a girlfriend when i'm around a guy that I like by caring too much and being sweet... and it sucks when I realize that since they don't like me back.
What kind of things a girl does that makes you think she's acting like that?


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  • Wait so do you like them after acting this way?

    Typically its a missing need for live or belonging. Thus you project it unnoticeablely.

    Stop all this must tell yourself how much do you mean to said guy. And is it wirth it.

    If i had friend like you id hug you and never let go. Lol.

    • No I already like the guy therefore I find myself acting this way. Also, the fact that they don't put a clear line between friendship and something more doesn't help.
      Sometimes i'm convinced it's not worth it since they will never like me the same, but I can't help how I act.

    • Maybe if youd c8mmunicate directly that your joking or yeah we are friends or just simply catch your self and stop wasting your time. Maybe theyll get it. Yeah its obvious but irs awkward when one likes each other and other dont and they have figure out where they stand.

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