Guy im dating thought I asked him to be my bf?

He was sending me memes then i replied about the relationship meme and he then said that “are you asking me to be your bf? weve only hung out a few times so far. Ill think about it..”
I was shocked since i didn't ask him about having rel with me or what we are since im just casually dating him i swear! I told him,”are you kidding or serious? I didn't ask you anythig i just teploed to the meme you sent” but he didn't reply. Its 9days already since he didn't reply. Im so pissed off because my pride has been hurt. I swear i didn't ask anything about relationship. Its so weird. I didn't do a follow up message because he didn't reply to my reply

What did he even think that way? we were goods. We had fun for two days we were together when he visited me (we didn't have sex) since i kept it clear that i only want to get to know him and ill be intimate with someone if im in a rel with that someone


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  • Why not

    • I didn't ask him in the first place. It made me feel awkward and shocked. As if like he is telling me im the one asking to be in a relationship with him

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