Selfish or I am over reacting?


Started to date a guy about 6 weeks ago
We see each other a lot last night we decided to meet thismorning at our usual breakfast place but I had my brother going to hospital for something serious in the wee hours this morning
I arrived late (messaged him) and he asked me what happened to me. Explained. and he told me ' oh well , I came for you and I was tired I would have stayed home' Then process talking about sex (wtf) I told him that he was selfish that obvioulsy I am not in the mood etc
He says 'ok you are upset, it is not a good day ' we will see each other later this week
I just left being upset by his behaviour
He pretends to love me and care about me
Which plainly show I was right to think he does not
I feel he is just selfish
Am I wrong?


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  • No you are not wrong at all. You are correct he is just pretending to love you. If he doesn't understand your problems then there is no point of the relationship

    • Thank you , yes i thought so.
      I am going to end it later this week

    • Ok all the best.
      Sorry this didn't work out for you

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