Would you date some one older or younger then you or older then you? Why or why not?

Girls if you were 25 or 30 would date a guy who is 22 or just turned 22?, An have a baby him?, Why or why not? An guys would you date a girl in her early 30's if you were or about to turn 22? An have a baby with her?, If you had the money an was established in a career already?


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  • My boyfriend is one year older to me. We know each other from past 12 years since school days.

    • I like this guy/boy but he's 22 just turn 22 in May, I"m 25 I've been talking to him since January 2018, an he knew I was kinda annoying LOL, but he recently told me he loves me or likes me... but I blow up his phone one time... ONE an he calls me Clingy and annoying... an this was a week or two after he said he loves me. I left him alone for a week, but he won't tell me he likes me back or have a conversation with me 😞💔... should I give him more space? 😞💔 An I asked him if he liked some one else for is talking to some one else... an he just Fucking Skipped my whole message!! An just said "Good night"... like man 😞💔 he could have said yes or no so. I can leave him alone..

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    • Because he said I was annoying and clingy... but it's really that's I'm just impatient... i expect a reply right away lol 🤣 but I'm not actually clingy... an I don't like guys who are clingy... cause then I get annoyed if they blow up my phone... I know it's contradicting myself 🤷

    • It's good to be clingy. I'm clingy as well. And when he says that your clingy , just say to him "wt do u mean I'm clingy , just shut up , i can't live without u".

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  • I prefer women younger preferably 10 years younger at least than myself, as we tend to click more
    and if we chose to start a family then yeah I would be ok with that

  • *Than

    • Sorry and answer the question 😇👍

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    • True true but even if I had money at a young age if I was a guy I still wouldn't have a baby till I was like 25 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Oh the baby part, well no not so sure about that. Much would have to be discussed

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