Is he interested?

He does the following stuff would any of this make you think he's interested:

He remembers little things - I told him about a movie I was going to see and he asked me about it a few weeks later - he always remembers little things.

He talks about me to our friends - I was telling him about an art project I was working and his mate mentioned he'd been talking about it.

We were joking about dating and he said he'd come rescue me if I was on a bad date

I dyed my hair pink and he said he'd glue a unicorn horn on my head. I told him it better be sparkly and he said 'always' - odd response and a little Snape.

He's googled me - my name brings up a very random thing, that has nothing to do with me, but he's indirectly mentioned it a few times and you'd only really find it if you googled my name.

He helps me out - I was working on a project and when I came back the next day he had done half of it for me and left a note saying 'do it like this, it's quicker'

We fist bump a lot but lately I get the feeling that he's wants to hug me but doesn't quite know how

He makes a lot of eye contact with everyone, except me.

what do you think? Is he interested or just being nice?

Thanks y'all x


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  • Of course!! Those are all the signs girl! If you like him back be direct and tell him.


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