Why does he treat me this way?

I met this boy, had a great connection, so much memories together. We went to parties together and ended up getting intimate. We had sex 2 /3 times and done other stuff and was kinda friends with benefits but felt more like a couple ( to me anyways ) he was so lovely to me i done so much for him and he said i was beautiful, lovely and always supported me all the time with things. He got mad when i spoke to other boys and literally took my phone of me one time when he saw boys texting me. We had sex a lot but to me it was so much more than that. We were like this for 3 or 4 months.

I told him how i felt the day after we had sex last and he told me he did not feel the dame. He still continued to ask me to come and see him though and even asked me to have sex again and do things with him. I did not as it would make things harder. I find out he has a girlfriend now, he was seeing her when me and him had sex. I called him the other day asking why he lead me on and he told me he had feelings for me and wanted to meet me
To talk about it. I did not meet him as it would be harder. I saw him with his girlfriend the other day and he had his arm around her, as soon as he made eye contact with me he took his arm
From her and pushed her kinda ( she did not notice ) . I called him asking if he wanted to meet and suddenly like a switch he became so rude, he was being so blunt and said ‘no i dont want to meet anymore’ and i said why are you switching on me and he said ‘dont blame me for catching feelings for me, blame your stupid friends and yourself for putting it in your head’ he became so horrible, i replied saying how i will always respect him and that im sorry for catching feelings, i told him i will never forget the times we spent together and that i hope he's happy. He ignored it. Why is he treating me like this? He told me he has feelings for me? Whys he being so horrible now? Why does he use me for things? Does he think im wrapped round his little finger or something?


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  • Too long to read, remember Your self respect and feel free to leave him. I dare ya.


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  • To cut to the chase you're most likely not the only girl he's doing with and not the first time he cheated on his girlfriend. No one is going to spare your feelings and that's just the world we live in today so you have to take the responsibility to look out for yourself and not allow a guy sweet words reel you in. You spent 3-4 months hooking up with a guy but he never mentioned anything serious maybe taking you out on a date, getting to know one another, dating, and a future relationship.

    He's only treating you the way he does because you allow him to and what you allow is what will continue. What if the script changed and you actually asked questions and not allow him to sweet talk you than you would have dodged a bullet. Reread the last sentence you typed from "He ignored it" to "something". Everything in that sentence is the main idea which tells the entire story that he's only using words to have you wrapped around his finger. If ! You took those signs of you being meeting someone at a part and immediately things get sexual... the situation is over before it even started.

    Remember, that just because you feel rays of sunshine and butterflies does not mean that the guy feels the same way. It can all be a phase while your vibe and his vibe is completely different especially when it comes to his intentions. Some guys will do all that they can to paint and unrealistic picture of them wanting to be serious so you can feel that way but in reality they have no feelings and only doing what they're doing to have sex with you.

    The best solution is to cut all ties with him because if you stay in contact you're only hurting yourself because he's not going to change. Not for you and obviously not his girlfriend, of course.


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