Why does he keep me hanging on?

been friends with a guy for like 3 years. close friends we talked all the time he would drunk text but he was far away and you both liked each other but both st about how much he loved me and that we should be together but said since we were apart, long distance wouldn't work. Yet he still says these same things.

bit of time passes where he wouldn't text back and then all of a sudden has gotten a girlfriend, but over the summer when she was conveniently away being a leader at some camp, he wants to talk again a lot. then school starts then you are in the same place finally and he still doesn't return texts but when he does he is very nice.

Every once in a while he says very flirty things like calling me babe...and when there is this other guy that you might like he said he's no good stay away he's a jerk. he still has a girlfriend and it seems to be going well for them

what is he doing to me?!

update: the other night he and I were at the same bar. he kept texting me and saying dance with me and when we finally met up he kept touching me and holding me and he said "good thing I love you so much" and said "if I wasn't in a relationship right now
I would totally kiss you. he told me he liked me too when I pointed out the obvious fact that he has a girlfriend and he says he doesn't know what to do casue they seem to be having some troubles. where does this leave me? what do I do?


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  • He's interested and a bit desperate about it if you ask me. Enjoy your friendship, but sock him to the friends zone and take him with a grain of salt.


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