Does this lady like me?

Both new at work, What do you think?

- regularly touches me on the hand/arm when talking
- asks me questions at work and talks to me everyday
- tells me a lot about herself
- blushes
- invited me to stay in her temporary accommodation after a night out (she slept in a bed with her girlfriend)
- offered to share her deodorant even though it was a roll on
- said she would buy me a bottle of wine and drink it with her at hers
- has reminded me a few times about the housewarming party she is going to have
- comes back to points or jokes I make
- said about doing things and going on road trips on the weekends
- said about going to her hometown in Portugal

I think she is great however I am not willing to complicate things at work by telling her I’m interested and than being turned down.
Any other opinions?


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  • She will unlike you if you don't make a move soon.


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