Why did he chose her?

this guy... i met him 4 years ago... i loved hanging out with him.. we went on two dates after date two i got scared because i liked him sooooo much.. the chemistry was INSANE. I got angry at him through texts and completely cursed him out... we went our separate ways... i felt like i was really going through a hard time and he gve up too quickly on me instead of standing by me untill i fixed myself... after three years he rjected me.. he approached me at a festival with a guy friend... he seemed pretty nervous to see me but was very eager to talk to me.. i brushed him off... now i found his inst and he is engaged to someone else


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  • We went on two dates (barely any time together)
    He gave up too quickly on me instead of standing by me untill I fixed myself (not even in a relationship yet, he owed you nothing and no telling how long that that would have taken)
    I brushed him off - seriously?


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  • You rejected him how many times I could not even count. And now you are asking why is he with somebody? Because both of you kept rejecting each other and it turned into this loop so he cut the loop and moved on. You better stop thinking about him too. I feel like you are not sure about what you want. Or maybe you are not sure about your feelings. I been there but I understood his worth after I lost him. This time he rejected me. And after seven years of noncommunication I made the first move and we are still together since then. So set your mind and if you want him, go talk to him but be prepared to get rejected cause he is engaged. If you dont want him stop thinking about him and move on.

    • he already told me that he didn't wanted to be with me because it drove him crazy that i didn't know who i wanted... i wnted him i just thought he didn't wanted me... now its too late cuz he found a girl... and he asked her to marry him. but i always felt like he must never really liked me that much if he is with another women now.

    • You can not know that. Maybe he just gave up on you and now he loves somebody else. This way can be good for both of you. Even if you loved each other something did not work for you. I know it can be hard but you have to accept the past and move on.

    • yh.. whatever... i just never met a guy like him yet

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