Is this how people grieve? My boyfriend is pushing me away?

Me and my boyfriend were having some problems and I was going to leave him but then his grandma died so I didn’t think it was the right time to leave him. I thought I’ll try to sort our problems out but he hasn't been talking to me properly after his grandma died. Obviously I get it must be hard and he’s grieving but is this how he’s supposed to act. I just want to know if it’s normal to act moody with me and he basically pushes me away when I’m just trying to be there for him. It feels like he doesn’t want to talk to me so I’m thinking to just leave it and stop texting? Or should I not? I don’t want to keep texting him and he’s just going to be moody and push me away I just feel like I’m bothering him. I asked him to kiss me today and he said he didn’t feel like it. What’s this supposed to mean? And what should I do


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  • This is what happens when a girl gives her body and her everything to a guy who ain't her husband yet... he feels bored and time dump the old and get a new one...

    Guys in this age are hard to commit into a serious relationship, they just wanna have fun and pass sometime...

    • Erm I think you need to chill? He ain’t had my body lmaoo cuz we ain’t had sex yet so don’t assume things darling and what’s that got to do with anything? HIS GRANDMA JUST DIED and we been together for 2 years surely if he was bored he would’ve just gone by now I’m not holding him hostage in my house.

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    • @TrixiePooch are you sure, what about when he grinded on you and u were angry...😏

    • Sorry by mistake my comment was @Ameliabegumx

  • Perhaps he picked up on the fact that you were planning to dump him, until his grandma died, and you all of a sudden did a 180. Maybe he's pushing you away because he knows something's up.

    • No trust me he doesn’t know I was going to leave him he always acts like that though even before his grandma died

    • Hmmm, maybe that is just his grieving process then. Only time will tell.

  • Yeah everyone does it their own way.


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