Tips on approaching girls in your university classes?

I always find my self being attracted at least one girl in my classes, currently I am entering my third year of school now and haven't been able to get anything going yet. I never come out successful no matter what I do. I know I can make a girl smile if I can get her into a conversation, but I never get the chance to talk to them. Either they are seated far away from me in class, always talking to their friends after class, or seem preoccupied and don't want to talk. I know I can't get every girl, but I want to have the most successful chance of impressing them and having them build up some interest in me. So right now there is a girl in one of my classes and she is a first year from what I can tell, I have never talked to her but we have shared casual glances ( I don't think this means anything but whatever). She always walks with her girl friend after class is over, making it hard to approach her. Funny enough her friend and I usually study in the same room before class but at different areas. My plan is when I see her next time, to ask her a question about class and then ask her about her friend. I don't know what this will do but I'm just trying to do anything I can right now lol. One more thing (sorry this is long) there is a even this upcoming weekend that I would like to take this girl too if I could ask her and maybe get something going, but I think she might take it the wrong way if I do... Is this something I could ask her friend about? Ugh, man this sucks... I just want to get out there though.
*Not take it the wrong way but more along the lines of I dont want to seem like I'm overdoing it or trying to hard.


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