Is my relationship worth staying in?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 years as of 2 weeks ago. I love her very much however I don't feel i am receiving the same in return. I try to text her everyday but I'd say we only have a real conversion over text once or twice a week. Other days she just responds once or twice then leaves me hanging until I text again the next day. She never texts me first and will even go days without texting me. Every time I try to be romantic she never returns affection but instead changes the subject. Every time I confront her about it she says she will change but that doesn't last longer than a week. We barely go on dates because every time I ask if she wants to go out she always says she is working. I mean I work too but I would still make time. I know it's not in her personality to be mushy but I as her boyfriend desire her constant attention and affection. Like I said earlier I love her. She has a great personality and every time we do go on a date it is really fun. I'm torn because after 2 years I don't know if it's time to move on or stay. help.


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  • Well, you have to be the one to decide if you're better off with her or without her and trying to find someone else.

    I was in a similar situation but in a marriage. I'm an affectionate guy and like affection in return. Quality Time and Physical Touch are my highest scores on the 5 love languages quiz (www.5lovelanguages. com). My ex-wife (big hint about the outcome there) had low scores on those things and it was a constant source of distress throughout our relationship. For a while, she was willing to compromise enough that we were mostly happy together, but over time she became more and more distant and that ultimately was one of the key factors leading to the divorce. It is really hard to live without that love and affection if you're someone that needs it.

    I have a girlfriend now that has similar scores to mine and that's much nicer. We are together a lot and stay in touch with each other pretty often even when we're apart. It's nice feeling loved and appreciated.

    Again, you have to make your own decision but I wanted to share with you my experience in case it helps. Good luck with whatever choice you make.


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