Is it a bad idea to give a person your thought on their relationship?

so I have an aqua trance from high school. We aren’t that close but we’ve hung out at times as a group and we e gone to concerts together.

Well i I met her boyfriend who she is now broken up with. Her exboyfriend is messaging me asking why she ended up dating the guy she said she wasn’t flirting with.

I want to help him out but I don’t know if I’m crossing any boundaries between me and her and me and my boyfriend.



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  • It's best to leave things be even if you're asked for information about someone's relationship. It's their own laundry to deal with.

    • So do I just ignore the messages the x sent?

    • I wouldn't ignore the ex I'd just tell him that you don't want to talk about it.

  • Keep out of others relationships. If they ask give your opinions and leave it at that


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