Guys, How do I approach this situation?

Long story short. Met a guy where I workout and we got talking everyday. It took ya ages to start talking as we use to look at each other from across the room but once we started it was hard to stop. Conversation has always been amazing and he’s always showed genuine interest. He’s really open about his feelings towards me. He’s form England and I’m from Australia and his visa is about to expire so he’s trying to find a way to stay in the country. Recently we’ve expressed how interested we are physically and have insane chemistry and ended up sexting the other night.

Ever since it seems our conversations always turn sexual and I’m not sure how to approach this now. I like that we both find each other attractive but I don’t want to just talk to each other sexually especially when j was drawn to him because of how good he was at conversation in general.

Help? How do I approach this?


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  • Just talk to him about other things also. Like, don't stop the sexual stuff completely or he'll think something is wrong, but just talk about other things also. Ask him questions etc. If you're starting the conversation, start it with something you want to talk about. Or after the sexual stuff, move on to something else.

    • If you're texting him one day, start by telling him about your day or something. Or ask him about his.

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  • Sounds like he is there on the Youth Mobility Visa. I'd suggest setting up a fun date.


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