Is there a hope that he'll ever change? or I better just move on before going into an intoxicated journey?

From night talks, to flirting, to liking each other, or at least what I thought. Won't lie, he did indeed say he likes me, but I guess he didn't mean it the way I did. Was the first guy for me to ever confess my feelings to. Happy he seemed, and said it was sweet. Apparently he hasn't really gotten over his ex's traces, is what I understood, a girl who left him a few years ago, said after that breakup he's become different, worse.. Spending nights with girls, screwing one after the other, partying, drinking and such. Wasn't what I expected, yet I tried to tolerate him, thinking I may make a change, and help him, yet it was a waste of time. For that, I just told him that I didn't really like him, that it was only an illusion. At first he tried to make me jealous, mentioning girls he likes, saying he wants them all, thinking I'll like him again that way. He wanted me to give up, and to flirt in return, but not to complain if he's ever with someone else, because we aren't official. but I was sarcastic in return, giving him some moral lessons in a mean way, and yes, it made him say that he wants to be a better person, that he will try to be one, as he doesn't feel good about himself now. We had deep talks, he's open-minded and understanding. But then.. back to flirting. What I know, is that a person cannot change in a day, it takes some time and efforts. Today we talked, said he's going to visit a friend at "her" house, without having sex he jokingly said. Also mentioned that he's leaving the country in a few months. I got upset, so I told him the following "look, we have different plans, we have different views too, you're the party type who loves being surrounded by girls, while I'm someone who cannot even flirt with another whom I have no feelings towards, because, one person is enough for me." I asked him to end all that, and to keep our friendship very limited, not a friendship with the taste of relationship, and he agreed.. A mess, but the best choice, isn't it?


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  • People don’t change


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