What does it mean if a guy says he wants a bad girl or “bad and boujie” girl?

This guy I’ve been seeing asked me if I’m a good or bad Girl and I said good and then he’s Iike oh really and I said no and then he’s like he likes a bad girl/bad and bougie girl what does that mean? What makes a girl “bad”? How can I be one? Like what’s the difference between a good or a bad girl?


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  • LMAO he means bad like attractive.. like ooh she is baaad. It's just a way to say hot. and boujie like you enjoy good things or fancy things.

    • Ohh okay thanks girl lmao he prob asked that because I looked like shit today as I usually would look better and dress better lmao

    • But what does “good” mean then?

    • He's just flirting lol but bad and boujee means what I wrote

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  • Bad usually means hot, boujie means rich and usually a bit ratchet. So basically he wants you to be a hottie who looks classy but acts like indecent with him.

  • 😂 why would you like to be one are you kidding with me? You are fine the way you are


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