Dating a new girl advise please?

So I’ve just started dating again after coming out of a 5 year relationship, I’ve had me time and I’d like to get back in the field of dating again. My past relationship was ended due to her mental illness and we just grew apart and I couldn’t help anymore...

anyway so I started talking to this girl on bumble, we had plenty to talk about and chatted every other day, we managed to meet up for a drink at a bar after work and hit it off, talked to ages about anything and everything, she seemed confident and knows her path in the world, now I’m a very nervous guy and quite introverted till I really know someone so when it came to the goodbyes I walked her to her car and said I had a great time and walked away lol

2nd date: we had lined up to go for dinner as she was coming back from a weekend away, she was quite hungover but still wanted to see me. Again chatted for ages and then walked her to her car and hugged her goodnight. Still thinking to myself why don’t I have the balls to just kiss her.

3rd date: we went down to the beach for the afternoon walked along the beach, chatted and got some lunch. Then took her to a lookout to check out the ocean view, I was so bloody nervous I wanted to kiss her but didn’t know how to iniate it. After standing around awhile there she knew something was up, as she said It looks like your thinking about something, which I replied no. I mustered up all my courage and wham we had a good first kiss over a water setting then drove home and had another pash before she drove home. She text me that night saying she had a great time and the lookout was really special. Then asked me if I was free to see her tomorrow. Which I replied yes!

4th date we got ice cream and chatted some more, kisses again and I had to go to work for 5 days so made plans to see her when I get back.

We haven’t had sex yet. Am I doing everything right? Should I tell her about my ex?
I’m worried my nerves get in the way
She is very prim and proper girl which I’m attracted too, it’s always me initiating the kiss, but she might be nervous too, we haven’t discussed where we are going with this either


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  • You don't have to discuss exes unless she asks or it is relevant to you going exclusive with her.

    You're doing fine. There is no rush to have sex. You can do it anytime now without Feeling like you're going to fast, but don't force it, though.

    • Maybe the next date can be at your place?

    • Yeah that is an option, I’m not too bothered on the no sex yet thing as I can see the relationship building further before sex maybe she is thinking that also., we have random time dates due to my work schedule as I don’t normally have weekends off

    • Watch her body language, especially how close she sits to you and if she puts her arms on you. This is one reason why I suggested inviting her to your place, but do that only if you think she'll be comfortable with it.

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