Not a priority for my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I were supposed to go on a one day getaway for his birthday. He can’t stay over at mine and I can’t go to his because of our parents, so this was supposed to be a special thing for us to spend time together.

But his friend came into town unexpectedly so my boyfriend ended up spending a lot of money just hanging out with him.

He told me he can’t afford to go now. We were going to split the costs so I had some money saved for it.

I’m annoyed that he knew our plan but still spent a lot of money just hanging out with him for 2 days...
he's still going out over the weekend with this friends and family, but we’re going to just go to a bar he wants to go to instead.

It’s his money so he can do whatever he wants with it but I feel like I’m not a priority.

Am I wrong to feel like this?


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  • Yeah no, leave him if you don't like the way he acted, or talk to him first, either way that's not a nice thing for him to do.


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