Was this a sly way of asking for my number?

So a short backstory: I've been flirting here and there with a girl I work with (she knows I like her) and today, this happened.

Yesterday, I was just asking her about something at work and she didn't have the answer so I said "That's okay. I'll just figure it out when I come in Thursday". She goes, "I can figure it out for you and let you know then. Or I can just text you (pulls out her phone)... but I dont have your number."

I think she was just using that as an excuse to get my number, we have email at work and there was no reason it the answer couldn't have waited until Thursday. I told her not to worry about it multiples before she asked me what my number was.

Yae or nae?


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  • Sounds like it yeah but it's pretty lame to make it work focused like that. Expect a follow up text asking what you're up to

    • Yeah, give it a couple days to expect one like that you think?

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    • Okay true. Good looks. I didn't think about a funeral or anything like that.

    • So, we've been texting the last few days but she only texts me while she's at work. Could this just be because she doesn't want problems at home? (With her boyfriend now)

  • definitely yae

    • I don't think she would only have only asked me for my number for the work thing. It seems very unlikely considering she knows I have a thing for her and the other day she emailed at work, wondering where I was since she didn't see me that day. I imagine itll be something like that again.

      I think I'll wait a few days to see if she brings up something not work related?

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    • Okay, so she apologized twice today for not texting back because she's so busy at work. Think she is just not interested?

    • bro you just said she's got a boyfriend already, trust me i know it isn't a good feeling but you have to respect their relationship

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