What does it mean when a guy tells you another girl braided his hair and then sends you a picture she took of it?

My opinion is that when a girl braids or plays with a guys hair it's flirting behaviour but my question is why would a guy tell you this? It makes me feel jealous and pissed off.


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  • If u think braiding a guys hair is flirting u are a little crazy playing with his hair yeah I can see that but not braiding it

    • And he told u as it's not like he can hide it from you he is being open

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    • I think there's a misunderstanding here she wasn't styling his hair. He has dreadlocks. She messed with it at work as a silly joke. It looked stupid so he got her to take a photo and sent it to me. To me when a girl plays with a guys hair that implies intimacy and physical touch. No guys touch me at work. It seems weird to me. Ok so he's being open so nothing to hide. They're probably just friends. Point is I don't want a boyfriend that every girl gets to "touch" makes me feel insecure and disrespected. Maybe he's too good looking for me. Don't need a guy who deliberately makes me insecure and jealous.

    • Ok I see when u said braided I thought u meant doing hair makes a little bit more sence why u are upset but I'm sorry to say the issue is with you are your isecuritiey he is your partner not your property I'm open to others touching my hair also as it happens a lot and have learnt just saying yes to the request is easier then explaining why I don't want them too. The issue with you in this situation is that it's a female touching his hair if it was a guy u would have no issue with it that shows 1 u don't trust him or 2 you are controlling either way speak to him about it as you may not be compatible as partners

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