I can’t tell if the guy is being sincere or not. He said I deserve better. Help?

He said, “he’s happy I moved on because I deserve someone better than him.”

We had some history together and he knew I liked him. Few months ago when I told him I liked him, he said it wouldn’t work out (he had a point). However, he ended up ghosting for months then he came back, I agreed to see him that last time. Soon, he then said he wasn't feeling it so we shouldn’t talk anymore.

A couple weeks later he apologized for what he did and felt bad.

THEN few days later he reappeared he asked me to hang out but I said no. That’s when he said, “I’m happy you moved on. You deserve better than me.”


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  • Thats one excuse I have seen so many times on this page and all i can say is he doesn't actually care that you're happy, you know the saying? " iTS NOT YOU, ITS ME. i AM HAPPY YOU MOVED ON"


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  • Seems like he's fighting dating you against all odds and leaving you so that you find someone better and now that you said No, he's kinda got a final answer and he'll allow you get a better person instead of fooling around with you. At least that's what I think.

    • What do u mean by fighting dating me against all odds?

    • What I mean is there might be reasons why he's playing these games and he keeps fighting them but then he loses and goes away for awhile then he comes back only to lose again. So he's just playing a back and forth game with you and his mind.

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