Am I falling for my friend?

I've known Lily for over 3 years and we are quite close. We hang out regularly.

Lily collapased a 2 weeks ago and was in hospital over night and I sat with her all night and held her hand. I texted her boyfriend and he came but shouted at her for collapasing and said it was her fault. She really scared me when she went unconscious and gave herself concussion. She has no family near where she lives and her boyfriend wouldn't let her stay with him so I said she could stay with me for a few days as she would struggle by herself.

The first night she stayed with me she kept being sick and was in a lot of pain. She wasn't sleeping well and got really upset. I heard her crying and went to comfort her. Once she was feeling a bit better she fell asleep lying on my chest.

I tried to get her to eat and rest throughout the next few days and sat with her to keep her company. She's gone back to her own place now and texts me daily like she used to.

I miss her being in the house with me... i think I'm falling for her.


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