Is this a good way to ask him to be my boyfriend?

As you know, I’ve been in love for 7 months now and I’m wanting more and more to be his girlfriend. I’ve known him for 13 years exactly but the feelings developed later.
I can’t take this anymore, I really want him and I to be dating. I have been thinking about a plan. What is it? I casually start talking to him, I then say “Hey, there’s this guy I like and he’s super nice and kind to me, he helps me, he understands me, he’s smart and cute. I hope he’ll ask me to be his girlfriend.”, if he asks who is it I’ll say “What about you? Do you like someone?”. Also, if he says “Is it me?” I’ll smile and him and say the same thing as if he asked the previous question.
Well, what do you think about this plan? How can I improve it or is it good? Any extra tips?


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  • IF i were you i think "I'd rather regret something I did than something I didn't do"


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