I snooped through my bf’s phone?

So, for some reason, my boyfriend will often omit that there will be a girl/girls at an event he is going to. I asked him why he does this, he said because he doesn’t want me to feel weird, or get jealous and accuse him of something (which i wouldn’t do). But, because he omits things, I felt worried. Anyways, we didn’t have the best week together, and I felt a lot of distance between us. I also noticed sometimes he’d get texts and kind of keep his phone away from me (i never look over his shoulder/ask who he is texting). I felt it was suspicious and tried to ignore it. But, at night when he was sleeping, i snooped through his phone. I found something and wanted to let it go. But, i brought it up to him. I told him i snooped, that it was so wrong of me, and i cried about how guilty i felt. I told him i found something and he explained it was a bot (who posted nudes) he added because they requested him that day. He didn’t get a chance to delete it and forgot about it.

My boyfriend had given me his password (and he knows mine), he didn’t get mad at me when i told him what i did. but, i feel like i made such a big mistake and ruined the relationship for the long run.

He made jokes saying “so now i can look through your phone when i want”. Which is fine. But, I feel like such a bad person. How can i fix the trust I feel i broke?


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  • tell him to change his password and not to tell you. then don't change yours. Tell him it bothered you - what you did - so you never want to be able to go in his phone again.

    Don't snoop. It just means you don't trust him.

    • He told me he was thinking of changing it, but he changed his mind and says he won’t. He told me “i have you my password for a reason. I have nothing to hide”. But, I still snooped :/

    • he's trying to make you feel more comfortable, but it's still going to weird him out. I still recommended what I said. You wanted to know what people suggested, and it sounds still unresolved.

    • I’m not saying i won’t tell him that. But, I’m just saying what he said in regards to that.

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  • Since he wasn't mad and was making jokes, I would try not to worry about it. Even though I understand you still feeling guilty regardless.

    • He said he was more concerned as to what happened, and why I felt i had to do that. He then said “i thought about changing my password. But, then I figured i won’t”. But, I’m not sure. At the moment he got upset because he felt i didn’t trust him.

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  • Relax your boyfriend seems cool with it

    • Yeah. He didn’t get mad. He tried to understand. I just feel guilty about it

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  • Cool


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