Did I make the right decision on quitting?

i got hired in a department store for a commission job, if you don't hit the commission, you make $10 an hour. the first few days were horrible, hostile environment. i have worked commission before and i even told myself never again. they put me in the women's department which was a big mistake. i was going to put up with it, but then i asked my manager a question about where a coat was located because a customer wanted it. it was on a mannequin and when i asked her she responds "all our clothes are top shop, there in the same section" in a condescending way. i said no its the mannequin in the front, not in our department. after the occurrence, she said "oh i was like what? was wondering what you meant" then i responded and said "i probably wasn't being specific"? she giggled and after that it was awkward between us. she didn't talk to me the rest of the day and when i went back to work on Monday, it was the same vibe so i quit the job. i mean if its like that in the beginning, i wonder how its going to be later. my question is, why did it get so awkward and why did her personality change around me.


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  • a job that gives you 10$ an hour is useless anyways

  • Well, I seriously doubt that the display coat was the only one you had in house so im sure there were more in fact in your department.


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