How do I stop comparing others happiness to myself?

I am in a situation where for several years I've been a doormat and a pushover for dozens of people. Attracting females with problems including wanting cheat, being misleading, and complain to me tremendous times. I attract other werid people that has depression in their lives and so cling on being around me when I am trying my best to be happy and improve on myself. I keep improving on myself and tried new things to keep being more than I am such as working out, traveling overseas, making music, nature photography, blogging. I try to go out and meet people such as volunteering , or church Yet, I attract people I don't want in my life with people with burdens and problems: women with children, people wanting to approach me but be stuck-up with attidude, people that seem bent out of shape and wants to complain to me about it, people who just don't want to improve their body shape. And please do not tell me to not give these people a chance because I did and its a pain to be around with, I am tired of being everyone's B**** for their problems

I see other people and they have the things I want and like such as fun, great-looking positive people, and so on while I am surrounded by negatives and such and it's so annoying.

I am not saying I am better than everyone else either, I just keep being around the dumbest places all the time. I don't know how to deal with this.


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  • Start doing something with your own life.

    • I try but it doesn't help

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    • It's okay I hope you get what is coming to you for insulting others when they are down. You obviously need to head back to elementary school and learn some manners.

    • Maybe i do who knows.

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