Is She In Love with me Already?

So about a month ago this girl joined my social group. She just turned 25 and I am 33. We hit it off almost right away and have been spending a lot of time together. If it matters, she joked that I'm not the oldest guy she's dated, and she is very mature, so it make sense she prefers older guys. I definitively would not have been able to handle a woman like her when I was 25.

We've only gone out on a true date just the two of us twice, but that's just because we see each other so much I didn't want to rush anything. For example, this past Friday we stayed out as a group until midnight, just she and I went on a date on Saturday and were out until 3am, then Sunday and Monday we were out until midnight starting out as a group but just us two toward the end. 4 nights in one week out past midnight seems like enough so I didn't schedule more.

She has also been texting me almost every morning and often again in the evening or before bed. She's never used the word love, but she says how handsome and amazing I am and how she's glad to have met me and she's been craving a relationship with mature man like me.

I've never really made it past 2-3 dates with a woman, one or both of us just lose interest. So this is the first time I've seen a woman more than a couple times. We haven't even known each other for a month and we've probably seen each other 12-15 times. I really like her too, and we've talk a lot about future goals and they're virtually identical. Just new territory to me so I'm not sure if I should keep things casual now regardless of how interested she seems, or if I need to step up and be more bold so she knows I really like her too.
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  • Pursue her. She might be the one.

  • Yes she loves you


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