What does he mean by " I have the opportunity to move to you but you don't have to stay attached to me til then?" Why would he say this to me?

We are in a complicated relationship and doing long distance and because of work he can't move until his term is done. What I don't understand is why he suggested I see others.
Yes your right but the fact that he said " til then" just makes it more confusing. Any ideas why?


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  • He probably thought that this long distance is applying a lot of stress on both of you, so he suggested that you two part ways in case the stress gets out of hand, but he's not telling you to leave. Just suggesting

    • So does that mean that his feelings for me isn't that serious if he's willing and suggesting that I can leave him?

    • by the way he's 21 and I'm 19 so maybe that plays part of it?

    • When stuffs like that are said typically it comes down to two things.

      Yes, he might be losing feelings for you, or secondly, he's a really considerate person and cares a lot about his significant other. So if it reaches up to the point that you can't take it, he's willing to do that.

      But if i were you i'd talk to him more seriously about it, on a free day of course. Makes it less stressful to talk about it

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