I like this guy who has a girlfriend help?

okay sooo I’ve known this guy for a year and he’s been flirting with me since the first night I met him, we kinda fell off for a little but we have been friends for a while now. I’ve just now started to realize that I have a massive crush on him and I don’t know what to do bc he has a girlfriend. even tho he still has a girlfriend he still flirts with me, matter of fact I hung out with him 2 das ago at a party and we were play fighting he pinned me up against and wall and kept looking at my lips and when I couldn’t get him off of me he was like almost taking off my shirt and tell me do sum about it, after we were done fighting he picked me up through me over his shoulder and said sorry then he hugged me and he’s super tall so I had to get on my tippy toes but he pulled me in super close and kinda rubbed his dick on me. that night he was also trying to kiss me, he has a girlfriend so obviously I was dodging it. he’s also 3 years older then me so I just don’t know what to do please help!!!


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  • Don't fall for him. He has a girlfriend and yet flirts with you, focuses on your lips, doing things with your shirt, that's a redflag for me.

    Even if you two got together, how would you know he wouldn't do that to other girls he finds attractive? He'll probably cheat on you as well if you two get together, so no i'd say avoid him

  • He already has a girlfriend. Most likely, he just wants in your pants.


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