For men and women, which ethnic group is the most desirable in the world to date and marry as at 2018?

I hope this sharing of opinions will be informative and fun.

Since I'm a man I'll give my opinion on the most desirable women.

Note this is only my opinion on what the majority of men are currently interested in, it does not mean it is the gospel truth.

Currently the title I believe belongs to the Russian women.

A bit history on how the crown of most desirable women was passed on in my opinion.

1. American women had the crown but due to obvious reason the title was passed around the

2. European women who later on due to obvious reasons loss it the

3. Japanese women who also lost it due to obvious reasons to

4. Southeast Asian women who later due to supply and demand reasons had the title passed on to the

5. Russian women.


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What Girls Said 2

  • aren't you confusing nationality with ethnicity?

    • Not really, more due to constraints in listing all the different groups in a nation. But a nation's people do have certain behaviours they characterise them as being from that nation.

  • Black women and caucasian men


What Guys Said 1

  • Spanish and East Asian


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