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So I really only get to see my boyfriend on the weekends. Last weekend we just hung around his house and watched football. I stayed from Saturday 6 pm to Monday morning after he went to work. I really like seeing him two nights. I also work a lot though and feel like I’m never home. This weekend I have to work for 30 minutes Saturday 5 pm Sunday 9 am and 5pm in my town. Which should I do?
  • He come to my house so I can see him more on Sunday but not really do anything.
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  • Go to his house but leave Sunday morning. Giving him his Sunday away from me.
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  • Go to his house but leave Sunday morning and then go back over Sunday night.
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  • The first one I guess

    For 30 minutes? That's retarded as fuck and not even worth it. Just stay home.
    Who the fuck goes to work for half an hour?

    • Well it’s taking care of dogs and I have pets at home too.

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    • He would. I just like going to his.

  • Bring him along on your 30 min jobs. He can wait in the car or walk with you.


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